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Who We Are

CDS Solutions prides itself in providing a mixture of web services inlcuding hosting, website design, email and cloud storage hosting!

CDS Solutions can provide all your web needs, from something as simple as email hosting to full website and Content Management systems! We can offer large amounts of secure web storage and handle all of the secuirty and reliability issues caused by self hosting these services.


What do you need? What is your purpose of having online services for your customer? Do you need to a ticketing system to support cusomters with there queries or is emailing suffice?


What is your companies brand? Do you have certain themes or colours?


What is the time frame for your project to be completed? How many users are you expecting to use your services online?


Do you need support advertsing your services on social media? Do you require advertising banners and posters?

What we do

We take pride in what we do. Our services are designed to help your business stand out and turn your ideas into digital realities.

Brand Identity

We understand that your brand is your product/service. We also understand that you need a brand to have a reputation. We understand that keeping your brands reputation is extremely important to your companies success. Therefore if there is ever a problem with the services we provide you, we will be fixing the issues as soon as it is identified.

User Base

Your services having or users than planned, we can upgrade the resources dedicated to your customers ensuring they get the best experience possible.


If you require services that CDS Solutions can not provide internally, we have many partnerships with external companies ensuring that we can meet all your needs in the required time.


As we pride ourselfs in being able to offer any required serviced in this sector, we have a large list of parterned companies that we can refer you to. This means you have the best of the best for ever one of your requirements


Reliability is an on going issue in this industry, we pride ourselfs in giving everyone of our customers a person contact with us. This means no waiting on hold, if there is an issue you will have a direct point of contact.

Frontend Design

The image of your company will most likey first be seen on your site, so ensuring that customers are hooked when viewing your site can be essential to ensure regular customers. We always use the most up to date web standards ensuring that you will have the most updated software for your site to work with along with prioritizing secuirty.

Cameron has been my main point of contact with CDS Solutions, he has made sure that everything is working as it should. As I travel to buy cars it is important i can contact customers on my moblie devices when ever needed.

UK Business Owner CEO, Car Repair Business, Birmingham UK

A website was something we thought of having for some time, while it is not totally needed for a small shop, with more and more people planning there travel journeys on services such as Google Maps it was a way of ensuring people could see what we were about before visiting. It is now something we could not live without.

UK Business Owner CEO, Shop Owner, Tamworth UK

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Satya Nadella CEO, Microsoft

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